Hello, my name is Rick!

Let me tell you the story of Rick Parker aka Patrick Tiedtke – a boy armed with his parents camera and all kinds of two wheeled toys. You know how it is, growing up means having a lot of time but no money to spend on things you want. If you like taking pictures like me, you can only hope that your parents have some kind of camera lying around – unattended. Since I was able to hold the camera I ran around taking all kinds of pictures. Experimenting with a tool which 20 years later gives me the opportunity to freeze time for a split second in order to show you more than just a moment.

I want you to feel the atmosphere, create a smell and let you feel what I felt. Since you already saw some of my pictures I don’t need to explain to you that you will find horse power driven vehicles on my page – and everything related to it. Bikes, beers and bad-ass people – full throttle.

You heard of me running around as a kid, but I loved every kind of moving fast bicycles and bikes. In the early days I was limited to the power of my legs and what they could produce on the track or down the hill. Today is a different story – there are no limits and I want to take you with me on my motorcycle journey. Buying, planing, building, restoring or customizing – everything will be documented and presented through my point of view.
A big part of what you see is something that originated in the garage of „Knallpott“. I got together with some of my buddies – as a crew we are in love with the idea of custom bikes and cracking a couple of cold once. Enjoy what you see and link me up if there is something you love to share.